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  Welcome to ALERT!  

State-of-the-Art Due Diligence 
Crisis and Hazard Prevention Specialists 

A new kind of company
Alert Clients
Real cases. Real results.
Trends, news and breaking events
Evaluating exposure and building data resources
Building a Comprehensive Crisit Management Plan
Marshalling strategic specialists for effective response.
Normalizing post-crisis operations.
Meeting the need to know and mangage-at every level
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2001 ALERT Technology Group, Inc.

ALERT provides an elite, integrated team approach to detect, identify and provide solutions for contingencies that affect business operations.
  • World class expertise
  • State-of-the-Art data management
  • Action-oriented communications
  • Profit linked
  • Faster, more responsive
  • Dedicated to effective solutions
  • Total corporate focus and commitment
  • Proactive and systematic

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