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ゥ 1999 ALERT Technology Group, Inc. 

Useful news from ALERT and press sources around the globe.

For further information contact

Harry Patz / 360.595.6022    



January 7, 1999


ALERT Technology Group, Inc. may be based in a rural town with only 165 residents (Acme*, Washington), but its ability to recruit, train and manage elite teams of hand-picked industrial disaster prevention experts has worldwide implications.

ALERT’s President & CEO, Harry Patz, the veteran technical rescue expert from Acme who founded the company, recently put his unique "Prevent Team" concept together based on input from executives of several major multi-national companies. "While most crisis management consulting firms are reactive in nature (i.e. good at picking up the smoldering pieces), our focus is primarily proactive, and helps organizations prevent, or lessen the crushing financial and human costs of industrial disasters and accidents. In that context, clients can spend one dollar with us, and save at least ten by preventing an incident. It’s a very cost-effective, technologically advanced and fully integrated approach tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization", stated Patz.

ALERT’s Prevent Teams, comprised of specialists from allied organizations around the country, are trained to look at virtually every vulnerable aspect of an organization, and recommend cost-effective preemptive cures. "As an example, while one of our industry-specific senior engineers is scrutinizing the operations side of an organization, one of our seasoned CPA’s is examining its financial vulnerability, while one of Alert’s attorneys checks the organization for potential legal liabilities. Concurrently, a senior software expert closely examines the vulnerability of their total communication system, and a former Navy SEAL officer looks at the company’s overall physical security. We then present the organization’s CEO and Board of Directors with a highly detailed Report Card, plus a series of cost-effective recommendations that can save lives, jobs, money and market share. It’s a state-of-the-art, holistic approach that makes financial sense for all concerned, especially shareholders. I think it’s fair to say that this is the most sophisticated risk management system available in the market today", Patz stated.

Shown in a recent meeting in Bellingham, WA, Patz (on the far right), pours over a detailed site map from an industrial client with colleagues (left to right) John Gargette, an internationally-known emergency response software expert who serves as Vice President of Essential Technologies, Inc., Harte Bressler, CPA, of Metcalf, Hodges & Co., ALERT’s chief financial advisor, and Jamieson Allen (of San Diego, California), who serves as ALERT’s Vice President. "We are excited about our concept’s reception in the marketplace, " stated Patz, "and we are capable of fielding from four to six Prevent Teams right now, virtually anywhere in the world."

# # #

*NOTE: Acme is located 32 miles East of Interstate 5 at the foot of Washington’s North Cascades (known as "America’s Alps"). The picturesque community is also home to a company with an international reputation for electronic testing and certification since Acme is one of only three sites in the USA with minimal electronic/magnetic resonance interference from the earth. This also factors into ALERT’s plans for further expanding its worldwide communications capabilities.



For further information contact

Harry Patz / 360.595.6022    



February 5, 1999


Harry Patz, President & CEO of ALERT Technology Group, Inc. of Acme*, Washington, today announced that his firm is one of only two companies competing as finalists for a major contract to develop a comprehensive safe community and crisis emergency management plan for the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission/Housing Authority. "This opportunity allows the ALERT team to bring to bear all of its years of expertise in these highly specialized areas. We are very proud to be involved at this level."

ALERT, formed by Patz in 1995, offers fully integrated and automated risk management and hazard prevention solutions for government and business, worldwide. The company also recently added a unique "Y2K Hazard Checkup" program to its list of capabilities. This program, which offers a three-day turnaround, allows small and mid-sized organizations a highly cost-effective way to use ALERT’s expertise to check for Y2K compliance.


*Note: Acme is located 32 miles East of Mount Vernon, Washington, near the foothills of the North Cascades.


For further information contact

Harry Patz / 360.595.6022    


18 February, 1999

Clark Nuber and ALERT Technology Group form strategic alliance

"Adding another arrow to its quiver," Clark Nuber, the Bellevue-based corporation best known for its innovative CPA services and highly specialized business niche consulting, today announced the formation of a unique strategic alliance with ALERT Technology Group, Inc. Based in Acme, Washington, ALERT offers domestic and international organizations a state-of-the-art array of fully integrated risk management technologies designed to prevent extremely costly business interruptions due to industrial disasters. The companies, which will remain fully independent, formed the mutually beneficial alliance to combine their complementary "brain trusts" in helping Northwest clients deal with the financial complexities of organizational risk management planning on a cost-effective basis.

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA., Clark Nuber employs over 75 professionals with expertise in the areas of management consulting, estates and trusts, technology consulting, not-for-profit, state and local taxes, high net worth and individuals, family businesses, construction, real estate and manufacturing.


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