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ゥ 1999 ALERT Technology Group, Inc.

Harry Patz
President / CEO
ALERT Technology Group

In founding the company, he built an impressive team of internationally recognized experts to detect, identify and resolve risk, threats and vulnerability.

Mr. Patz has over 35 years experience consulting in the areas of business development, business resiliency, risk management, emergency preparedness and emergency response.  He has a very broad base of knowledge and is recognized as a pioneer in the fields of contingency planning and vulnerability assessment.  He has participated in over one thousand emergency response incidents in industrial, residential and wilderness environments.


Essential Technologies Inc.


Founded more than 20 years ago, Essential Technologies is the world’s largest, most successful provider of environmental and crisis management software.

Essential Technologies, Inc.—formerly EIS International Corp.—was founded in 1975. It began by developing software for emergency management; systems that could help protect lives and property from all kinds of potential hazards. Proven in dozens of real-world disasters, their products became the accepted standard for government agencies (local, state, and federal) with responsibility for crisis planning and response.

By 1990, EIS International was helping corporations recognize and manage their own critical risks—from handling chemicals in manufacturing to locating facilities in hurricane or earthquake zones, from transporting oil on ships or trains to assuring compliance with environmental regulations or preventing terrorism and sabotage

In 1997, EIS International merged with EnviroMetrics Software, Inc., the leading provider of corporate environmental management systems. EnviroMetrics’ products were the most widely installed systems of their kind in the United States with systems at over 300 facilities in a host of industries including aerospace, aluminum, automotive, chemical, defense, pharmaceutical, petroleum, pulp and paper, semiconductors, steel, and utilities.

Today, the company is the world’s premier provider of software for both crisis and environmental management. They are dedicated to the task of providing clients in those fields with the very latest innovations and most complete support services available anywhere. But they also recognize that there are other equally "essential" information processes—those associated with health and safety, transportation, security, and more—that must be addressed.

That’s why we the company’s name is Essential Technologies, Inc. They are working to provide a whole new class of tools to support ALL of the most critical information processes. In fact, they are the ONLY technology provider with the right combination of experience, expertise, resources, and commitment.


Through the years, we have won a variety of major awards for technological innovation, proven performance, and business success. Among them:

1997: Ranked 125th on Inc. Magazine’s top 500 list of fastest companies

1996: Blue Chip Enterprise Award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

1995: First Place, Delaware Entrepreneurs’ Forum

1995 Venture Fair 1991: Computerworld Smithsonian


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Spec.Rescue International


Spec.Rescue was formed with one mission in mind: to provide the most up-to-date, innovative technical rescue training and consultation available anywhere in the world. We accomplish this through dynamic adult education along with creative and innovative course design. We offer course delivery and interaction with our customer that is unique and guarantee your satisfaction.

We believe that our clients are much more than customers. They are our brother and sister emergency services personnel whose lives are placed on the line each day. As emergency services personnel ourselves, we have seen the tragedy of injury and death associated with decisions made as a result of poor or inadequate training.

The Spec.Rescue family feels strongly about providing our customers with information and training they can use. Because we feel so strongly about providing our customers' health and safety, we will work tirelessly to assure that your needs are met. This includes assuring that you, the customer, has significant input into the class content, how it meets your operational needs, and most importantly, how it increases your personal safety and survivability profile.


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Emergency Response Institute, Inc.


The Emergency Response Institute, Inc. (ERI), is an international firm specializing in writing and designing training programs, publishing, and consulting within the complex fields of emergency management, disaster preparedness, response and recovery. ERI provides technical assistance, planning and training to educational institutions, emergency response organizations, business and industry, and local, state, federal and foreign government agencies.

Founded in 1978, ERI has published extensively in the disaster planning field. The company has played a major role in the development and dissemination of new and innovative planning and training programs through- out North America and the European community on all phases of community and industrial emergency management disaster response planning.

ERI Services Include:

  • Detailed Review of Emergency Plans and Programs
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Exercise Planning and Design
  • Development of Training and Educational Programs
  • Development of Student and Instructor Manuals and Materials
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars

Each of the Emergency Response Institute, Inc. (ERI) headquarters staff has an average of twenty-five years of practical "hands-on" experience:

  • Developing local state government emergency programs;
  • Managing disaster events, including Mt. St. Helens;
  • Response and recovery; and
  • Search and rescue (SAR) response.


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Anderson, Kill & Olick, P.C.


Expertise and Experience:

Our legal talent is exceptional and varied. Many of our attorneys are recognized experts in their practice areas, leaders and active participants in professional associations, and frequently invited to speak to business organizations. Several of our attorneys have served as federal prosecutors, including service as chiefs and assistant chiefs of the civil, criminal and tax divisions of the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. We also have a number of lawyers from various divisions of the United States Department of Justice and other state and federal government agencies.

We are talented in many important practice areas.
Our firm offers clients a wide range of services in many legal specialties. The diverse nature of our practice, coupled with the talented and experienced attorneys and staff we offer and the dedication we have to serving our clients, enables the firm to provide comprehensive advice and solutions in a wide array of areas.

We are efficient and open to innovation.
We take advantage of the wealth of experience of our attorneys and avoid "reinventing the wheel." This results in creative and cost-effective resolutions of our clients' problems. Instead of trying to "do everything," we do what is needed. We staff matters as lean as we can; we manage them carefully; and we avoid unnecessary and unproductive legal work while maintaining the highest level of quality. We are motivated to produce client success and satisfaction.

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Clark Nuber, P.S.


Headquarted in Bellevue, Washington, we are a locally owned CPA and consulting firm that has served over two generations of business leaders throughout the Northwest. Our family and closely held business clients benefit from the efficiency of a single office firm and the quality that is inherent in maintaining our outstanding reputation for almost 50 years.

Our 75 professionals excel at providing business and technical solutions while developing long-term professional relationships. In addition to their CPA designations, many of our professionals have advanced training in their specialties, masters degrees in tax and business, as well as law degrees and prior local regional, and national firm experience. All of them are active in the community and many sit on local boards or are leaders in their professional groups.

In addition to providing the classic compliance services, preparing tax returns and auditing financial statements, we provide specialized consulting services in the following areas:

Non-Profit and Government Organizations Mergers & Acquisitions

Technology Consulting Manufacturing

International Business Transactions Construction

Real Estate Investment & Development Estate Planning

High Net Worth Individuals Family Business

As a member of two associations of CPA firms, GMN International and IMPACT Americas, we also offer worldwide client service capabilities in the major financial centers of Europe, North and South America, and the Far East.


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Outback Digital Imaging & Engineering


Outback Digital Imaging & Engineering began operations in the fall of 1993. With a business philosophy of providing simple, straight forward geographic information system solutions, our no-nonsense approach to geography has proven to be beneficial to all of our clients.

Outback is rooted in the emergency management field, where decision timelines last seconds at best. Our systems are designed for high-pressure environments and success. Outback’s design philosophy focuses on enterprise-wide mapping solutions designed with the lowest common denominator in mind.

Outback offers comprehensive geographic solutions to scientific applications using complex principles published in logical mediums. This combat approach to design has propelled Outback to the forefront in a field where complex problems are typically solved with more complex solutions. By accommodating each client’s needs against the soundboard of reason, Outback has built a client list which includes private industry and public partnerships.

As the year 2000 quickly approaches Outback finds itself in an increasingly technical role. Outback has moved into modeling, database construction and programming to provide its clients with global solutions at local prices.

Outback is an Internet based company with offices in Bellingham, Washington and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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The Rockey Company


Founded 37 years ago, The Rockey Company has a long history of helping clients communicate effectively in crisis situations. The firm has guided clients through many high-profile crises that attracted national and international publicity. Among its many areas of experience are:

  • natural disasters
  • environmental pollution
  • government investigations and indictments
  • industrial accidents
  • shipping incidents
  • strikes and other labor disputes
  • media attacks
  • citizen activist operations
  • stock-price crashes

The Rockey Company provides an extensive range of crisis-communications services. Good crisis communications begins long before the crisis occurs. It involves effective preparation. with a response plan to guide communications with media, employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, surrounding communities, or others who are affected. Training ensures people can perform under pressure, delivering the right messages to many different audiences and keeping communication lines open as the crisis unfolds. Follow-up analysis provides the lessons learned and revisions to the crisis plan, enabling the company to raise its communications performance in the future.

Through the years the firm has worked with many of the Pacific Northwest's major corporations. Its work has won numerous awards from the Public Relations Society of America and other communications organizations.



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